RUGBY The Tournament – Amazon eBook Kindle edition

By (author)Hankie Vogel


Rugby – The Tournament is the ultimate reference book for fanatics and newbies sport.

The sport of rugby caters for all types of athletes: from the kickers, sprinters, jumpers, tacklers, maulers, anticipators, interceptors, ball catchers, acrobats to the ones that can wrestle and stand strong, even testing mental toughness.

Since the introduction of the Rugby World Cup Tournament in 1987, many statistics and trends were established and this Rugby World Cup Infographic Book captures this graphically from individual, to team, to country level.

This infographic book will enable you to maximise your knowledge about the nine Rugby World Cup Tournaments that have taken place since 1987. History, statistics, trends, highlights, disappointments – all in infographic style to consolidate information and to optimise your time.

The uniqueness of this book is its infographic style of information sharing and visualisation of the Rugby World Cup statistics, names, records as well as analyses and opinions on one of the most popular sports in the world.


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