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The Complete Sportster presents fascinating sports data in infographic form, which is visually appealing and helps readers quickly process the information. Research highlights the efficacy of infographics and visualisation. The brain processes visuals 60 000 times faster than text, while colourful content increases the reader’s attention span by up to 80 percent. To that end, The Complete Sportster depict data-rich sports content such as statistics and other compelling information in infographic style which fans can easily consume. The Complete Sportster uses infographic techniques to bring sports facts to life through a series of books that will allow enthusiasts to take a deep dive into a range of sports. The books will cover a host of sports from team and individual to ball sports. The first book in the series tackles the history of the Rugby World Cup tournaments from the inaugural showpiece in New Zealand and Australia in 1987 until the ninth edition in Japan 2019.

Rugby – The Tournament

Jam-packed with wall-to-wall infographics, statistics and insights into one of international sport’s greatest showpieces Rugby – The Tournament is the ultimate reference book for fanatics and newbies sport.

The book is a feast for the eyes from cover to cover as author Hankie Vogel takes the reader, or rather the viewer, on a spectacular journey through the history of Rugby World Cup tournaments. The book includes statistics from all the tournaments including the nine finals, and the referees that took charge of the games. Vogel’s deep dive into the quadrennial showpiece highlights the game’s expansion and the players’ dramatic physical transformation. Although the book focuses primarily on the men’s game, Vogel dedicated a chapter to the rise of women’s rugby which proves fortuitous ahead of the 2021 World Cup in New Zealand.

Rugby – The Tournament is available in hardcover, paperback and in PDF file format where it can be viewed on eBook readers, mobile devices and personal computers.


Utilising the power of infographics to optimise time and improve effectiveness in the transmission of information to the brain.With an estimated 90 percent of information transmitted to the brain visually and processed 60 000 times faster than text format The Complete Sportster was established to enable the sharing of statistics and insights of major sporting codes globally.